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    So in my thirst trimester of school and I'm nervous because I hear the class I'm starting a lot of ppl fail so I'm just wondering if anyone has any study tips because there is like 150 pgs of reading a week for this class. It's on oncology and endocrine as well as gI, don't know why they had to put those all together but they did. How do you study. It's really hard to get an A in my program because an A is 97-100. Is this the grading rubric in every school? it seems crazy.

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    Form a SMALL study group. You and no lore than 3 people. It has made all the difference in my grade.
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    Okay I'm in the same position. I'm taking pathophysiology and it's an 8 week course! We have like 3 to 5 chapters a week to read. I have found that just reading and highlighting is the key. I use to make outlines and flashcards, but they waste my time. I try to get the reading done prior to lecture. I make notes on my PPT slides in class. I go home and study the notes and slides. I look up youtube videos, such as the Nucleus channel to reinforce the BIG picture. I also use the review questions bc they require you to think critically and apply your knowledge obtained from the material to a clinical setting. This is what I do, but it may be different person to person.
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