Should I study muscle physiology before taking pharm and pathophys?

  1. I have to take parmacology, and pathophysiology next semester so I'm reviewing my A&P, but muscle physiology is my LEAST favorite topic so, for those of you who have taken an RN pharm or patho course, is it really necessary that I study it?

    ... and what else do you recommend that I review? It's been 2 years since I took A&P, so I'm planning on studying hard but I'd rather study what I'm going to need to know for those classes.
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  3. by   choc0late
    Really the only muscles I recall talking about in pharm would be the ones used for injections. During my junior year I referenced my A&P book alot but always for patho type stuff. I think maybe once or twice I had to look up a bone or a muscle. Not that I remembered what they all are by any means, just that it wasn't a huge thing to know for me. I hope that helps
  4. by   Ashley-SDCVRN85
    I wouldn't recommend reviewing this for a Pharmacology class. This would be useful in a Pathophysiology class because it is very necessary to know how everything works normally in order to distinguish the abnormals. You will be referring to your A&P book quite often for the Patho class, but I think your reviewing for it now should help you save alot of time and frustration for Patho.
  5. by   nurse12b
    I would not recommend another class like that. Im in Pharm now and we just talk about meds. And when I was taking Patho I don't think we talked about muscle's, it was mostly over lab values, and disease processes.

    I would recommend studying Pharm material before going into class, it is alot of material. Like indications (what the drug is for), MOA (how the drug works), contraindications (what type of situations would you not give the drug), Side effects, and nursing instructions/teaching.
    That is what is covered in Pharm.

    Good luck and study hard
  6. by   Angel@MyTable
    No need to take a class like that, we didn't use anything like that when I took patho pharm last summer!

    If you know where deltoid, vastus lateralis, glut max, and the other injection sites, then your fine, but we didn't even need to know that for my class!
    Good Luck!