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  1. 0 What position should the patient be in for gastric lavage? I'm studying for the nclex and came across this question, I've looked for it in my books and didn't see it either.
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    I think it's left side lying.
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    Google is your friend..Gastric Lavage
    1. Consider Endotracheal Intubation in advance
      1. Indicated for neurologic Impairment

    2. Use a large bore tube (28 French Ewald tube)
      1. Larger tubes however cause considerable nasal trauma

    3. Position patient
      1. Head down
      2. Left lateral decubitus

    4. Technique
      1. Aspirate first prior to fluid lavage
      2. Instill lavage fluid into Stomach
        1. Adult 100-300 cc warm water or normal saline per wash
        2. Child 10-15 cc/kg warm normal saline per wash

      3. Aspirate fluid back and dispose of fluid

    5. Repeat lavage
      1. Repeat until aspirate clears of pill fragments and similar debris of concern
      2. Single dose is sufficient in many cases
      3. If repeated, alternate aqueous and Sorbitol charcoal preparations every 2 hours

    Gastric Lavage
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    Quote from Esme12
    Google is your friend..Gastric Lavage
    Gastric Lavage
    Thanks for the info.
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