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    GOOD DAy! we have our case presentation tom but we did'nt know what 3 nursing diagnosis we are going to present for our patient that have been diagnose of typhoid fever and pleural effusion. Based on our physical assessment the abnormal are the paleness in skin ,conjuctiva, toungue, tonsils and gums while lips are dry and pale. With a respiratory rate of 30. There is a edema in the right leg. CTT drainage secretion. and he is in diabetic diet.

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    always start with your "abcs"...airway, breathing, circulation. based on what you have said, you can use:

    altered tissue perfusion (paleness of skin)
    ineffective breathing pattern (rr of 30 and plueral effusion)
    pain (pleural effusion/edema in leg)
    impaired gas exchange (plueral effusion)
    risk for infection (drainage from ctt)
    risk for skin integrity (diabetic)
    knowledge deficit (typhoid fever/pleural effusion)
    risk for ineffective coping (unable to perform usual adls)

    you can go on, and on, and on....hopefully that will get you guys started with your critical thinking. good luck on your presentation and let us know how you all did!
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    where is your list of diagnoses? if you want them looked at and prioritized for you, please post what you have. prioritization is done them by maslow's hierarchy of needs ('s_hierarchy_of_needs).

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