Preceptor/orientee experiences?

  1. Hello
    I am currently in school working towards my bachelor's in nursing. I have chosen to research the orientation process for new graduate nurses and even newly hired nurses.

    I would like to get an idea of what your experiences were like on either or both sides if you have had both experiences.
    If anyone would be willing to answer some questions regarding this issue and email the answers to me I would be so very grateful.

    Please include: amt of experience, department/specialty

    Describe your orientation experience as a new nurse?
    What was your relationship like with your preceptor? How about with the staff?
    What if anything could have been improved?
    Were you comfortable with communicating open and honestly with your preceptor and your supervisor about what you wanted to learn or what was lacking in your learning experiences?
    What do you feel could have been done to improve the orientation experience?

    As a preceptor how did you feel towards your orientee? Were there times when you found communication challenging? What barriers if any were present that may have hindered the relationship? What do you feel could have been done to improve the preceptor experience?

    Please send your responses to

    Thank you so so very much. I will be eternally grateful to any who respond!
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  3. by   classicdame
    this is a lot of information for someone to put in this format. I recommend you go to Survey Monkey, create a free survey and put the link on this website. Good luck on your project!
  4. by   ejunRn78
    Thank you so much for the link classicdame! Very grateful!
  5. by   ejunRn78
    I've posted the survey on Survey Monkey for anyone interested in taking it. I would so appreciate your input.

    Nursing orientation experience Survey
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    Thread moved to student assistance for best response.
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    When you use Survey Monkey or any survey tool, take particular care to avoid answer choices that give you what you expect the answers will be-- always have an "Other" with free-text option (SM does give you this). It's very frustrating for respondents to be forced into choices that don't meet their experiences or opinions, and therefore you get unreliable results.