please help me to answer this question...

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    hellow ,,

    I need your help to solve(answer)
    this question,pleasd?

    It is after midnight and you are dispatched to "laceration to the arm" you arrive to find a young man who tells you he was cut. you notice that his bleeding is controlled, and his vital signs are within acceptable ranges.As you apply dressing to his wound, another dispatch comes over radio for " unconscious assault victim, police officers on the scene." you are one block away. what do you do?

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    Are you in nursing school? What country are you in?

    Nurses in the US for the most part are not out in the community. This is an emergent triage questions. I do not know the legalities in other countries and leaving the side of one patient for the US another ambulance would be called.

    However...If you think about this according who needs the help the most with the highest acuity....about your ABC's ........which one appears less acute? The patient awake and alert with a superficial laceration?? or the patient beaten unconscious and possibly unable to maintain their airway?

    Who needs the medical attention more?
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    I am emergency nursing,,from palestine,,but we are studying your book

    so i want clear answer

    what i can do ,,

    I think that

    I should complete dressing for first one to prevent worsining in his condition,, and mal report for vital sign(make calling to health provider)

    then go to another one,,

    what are you think?
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    You are right....but the laws are different here and our emergency nurses are in the hospitals they are not in the streets.

    If these two patients come into the triage area of the hospital the patient with the laceration would get a quick set of vitals and a drsg...they would be told to wait and the more acute/critical of the two...the unconscious one...would be seen first and taken into the emergency apartment. Our ER nurses are not out in the streets....If they were they would finish with the superficial laceration quickly and go to the more critical of the two patients which would be the unconscious patient
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    that is mean (at begining i must finish the dressing then go to fastly to unconscios one)
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    I don't know the protocols in Palestine....I would finish with the patient quickly....quick vitals, drsg, follow protocol set fourth by your facility/area/where you live and move to the more critical patient. Yes.
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    we study your protocol,

    so what I said is true as your protocol.

    thanks alot for your helping

    with my best wishes
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    Yes is true of triage protocol....((HUGS))

    All the best to you as well!!!!
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    LOLOLOL.....welcome to AN!

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