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I really need help with the dx for my nursing care plan! Here is some info about the patient: 26yo homeless male. Heroine user, smoker, and alcohol abuse. Was kicked out of home because of his lifestyle. First time he came... Read More

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    Thank you everyone for your help! In the end, this is what I ended up with:

    Ineffectivecoping related to disturbance in pattern of tension release as manifested byusing drugs, tobacco and alcohol to relieve stress.

    .AcutePain related to right lower extremity cellulites as manifested by facialexpression, guarding behavior and verbal report.

    Ineffectiveself health management related to economical difficulties as manifested bybeing homeless and lack of financial resources.

    Also, I know I didn't include a lot of information about the assessment but the information that I did include was all of the ABNORMAL data I found. Thanks again!
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