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  1. Hi everyone. I have a test this week. I received an A on my first test but a D on my second one. I am so scared I am not going to pass this class. For me, this class is the hardest one I have ever taken.

    My test is on Antimicrobial Therapy and Drugs that affect the heart, blood vessels, and blood.

    Both powerpoint packets have 33 pages each and have 6 little slides on each page so the material is LENGTHY!

    I feel so overwhelmed and I am not sure what is the important information as our teacher does not really break it down for us or give us a study guide like the other Pharm class gets.

    I am more worried about the heart packet - she discusses:

    drugs acting on the Regin-angiotensin-aldosterone system
    ace inhibitors (function/adverse effects/types/what to watch for/etc)
    calcium channel blockers and the diff drugs such as verapamil and nifedipine
    drugs for hypertension
    primary, secondary hypertension,
    classes of antihyperintensive drugs
    Alpha1 receptor blockers (all the diff. types)
    beta adrenergic blockers
    drugs for heart failure
    ace inhibitors again
    beta blockers
    inotropic agents
    antidysrthmic drugs
    class1 sodium channel blockers
    class 1b agents
    class II beta blockers
    class III potassium channel blockers
    class IV calcium channel blockers
    adrenergic agonists
    prophylaxis of coronary heart disease
    drugs that lower LDL cholesterol levels
    cholesterol testing
    classes of lipoproteins
    lipid lowering drugs
    HMG CoA Reductase inhibitor
    bile acid-binding resins
    nicotinic acid
    fibric acid derivatives
    drugs for angina pectoris
    routes of administration for it
    watch for
    beta blockers
    calcium channel blockers
    revascularization therapy
    prevention of MI & Death
    Anticoagulant, antiplatelet, and thrombolytic drugs
    diff bw veins/arteries and what drugs
    management of ST elevation myocardial infarction
    reperfusion therapy
    adjunct drug therapy
    complications of MI
    Non drug therapy of MI
    Drugs for Hemophilia
    drugs for def. anemias
    iron def. anemias
    iron preps
    vit b12 def.
    vit b12 preps
    folic acid anemia
    causes and consequences
    hematopoietic and thrombopoietic growth factors
    epoetin alfa
    leukopoietic growth factors
    thrombopoietic growth factor

    See what I mean....ITS INSANE. And there are about 10 little details and a couple slides information for each one. I am OVERWHELMED. And that is just the heart packet!

    So basically I was wondering from those who have taken this class, what are the really important topics I should focus on for the test? What topics really need to be known or are pretty general so I know what to study. Any information or help is appreciated!!

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  3. by   Rednights
    I'm sorry to say ALL of it is important. You just have to start studying hardcore early. I must say that does indeed look like a wicked test though. I got tested on most of those things you listed, but they weren't clumped into such a huge test such as yours. There's no shortcuts to be taken, if you do you will miss out on information and you'll just kick yourself when that specific question comes up to haunt you again.
  4. by   Daytonite
    there's a whole website on cardiovascular pharmacology: - cardiovascular pharmacology concepts

    here is another website for pharmacy students where you will find some pathophysiology and explanation of the mechanisms of actions for some of the different drugs (all drugs, not just cardiac):
  5. by   SNLou84
    Thank you Daytonite, you are so nice!