PES help

  1. 0 I just need to make sure I'm totally understanding this.

    Signs and symptoms

    The problem is the nursing diagnosis
    The etiology is the R/T drives the P and it is patient specific
    Signs symptoms as evidenced by

    The goal is from the problem
    Is measurable, pt driven timed

    The interventions are from the etiology R/T
    Ever changing if not working

    Evaluation was goal met? Assessment again

    Am I on track, big test on it
    And my career is this. So I want to truly under stand

    I do have NaNDA book
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    All from a complete assessment, cluster data

    And teaching is in planning stage? With setting goals.
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    Any opinions?

    Just trying to see if I'm understanding
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    nursing diagnoses are written in "pes" format:

    • "p" stands for problem
    • "e "stands for etiology or cause of problem
    • "s "stands signs and symptoms of problem

    This is a great thread!
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    Thank you
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