Patient Positioning

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    Hey I will update this as I learn more about the different positioning.

    Position Patients on the Right Side if or after:
    liver biopsy
    appendectomy (with legs flexed)

    Position Patients on the Left Side if or after:
    Pregnant with risk of cord compression

    Position Prone:
    -position prone with HOB elevated with GERD

    Low-Fowler Position:
    -dumping syndrome

    Position on the Affected Side:
    -pneumonia (to splint and reduce the pain)

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    Are you looking for some specific information regarding positioning?
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    first all..I would like to say Thank You to Daytonite because you have helped me in answering many of my questions and how to go about posting information on this site. Although I have referred to this site before, I have never logged in. Today I decided to log in to post things for myself to remember and to help others. I don't have any specific questions but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can continue to post proper positioning for clients undergoing specific procedures. thanks in advance. =)
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    this older thread on allnurses describes the different positions and some of the references where you can find information about them:
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    it might be easier to search for information about a specific procedure. use the links on this thread:
    many hospitals have health libraries that have one page explanations of tests. some have pictures. sites like webmd and medicinenet or medline plus will sometimes link you into an animation or a video of a procedure that may show any specific positioning. you can also question the membership.
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    hey vadee~

    [color=#2f4f4f]thanks for your positioning post and your nclex post. i just wanted to let you know if you want more positioning info, rootedredwood made a pretty good and pretty long post on all different of positions in the nclex forum on the random facts sticky...i am posting the link below if decide to take a look. again thanks for your posts....

    scroll down to post #250....good luck!

    [color=#2f4f4f]jadu1106 :heartbeat
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