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hey everyone! we had a case study in class today where we had to decide what info was objective and what info was subjective. i won't go into the whole case study, but after taking the... Read More

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    Quote from headliner1889
    objective is something that you can see, feel, or smell. you can see the reddened areas and you can feel the tenderness. therefore i think both are objective

    i completely agree that seeing that an area is red is objective...and that point did in fact go under the objective colomn. however, what does 'tender' feel like. if i am palpating the nose while the pt is unconsious...how can i 'feel' that it is tender? will it feel mushy or spongy? will it feel hard or soft? for instance a sprained ankle...you can 'feel' that it's swollen. you can 'see' that it's swollen...but only the pt can tell you if it's tender. to me tender is a feeling and therefore subjective. if the pt had no feeling in their legs, would the ankle still be considered tender?

    just thinking out loud....
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