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Nursing Survey- Help, Please!

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I'm a nursing student at a community college on the east coast. I have to write a recommendation report based on my major for my Technical Writing course. After reading a fascinating article for another assignment, I decided to write my report on the nurse's role in sexual abuse disclosure. As part of the report we have to draft a survey and administer it to at least thirty people, analyze the results and incorporate them into recommendations.

    Obviously this can be a very touchy subject and one than many people would like to keep private. Since the internet can be wonderfully anonymous, would you be willing to take the survey and help out a desperate student?

    I've pasted it below. Feel free to post your answers as part of this thread or email it to me at kellykelly0489 @ gmail. com

    Thank You So Much!

    Please help us understand the impact of sexual abuse on the nursing field by taking this short survey. It should take less than ten minutes of your time and all responses will be anonymous

    Question 1

    Are you currently working as a nurse?



    Question 2

    Have you ever worked as a nurse?



    If you answered no for question 2 please do not answer the remaining questions. Thank you for your time. If you answered yes, please continue with the survey.

    Question 3
    Please highlight the type of nursing you currently practice

    Ambulatory care
    Medical/ surgical
    Critical care
    Occupational health
    Emergency or trauma Perianesthesia
    Forensic Psychiatric
    Holistic Psychiatric
    Home healthcare Radioactive
    Hospice/ palliative care Rehabilitation
    Infusion Transport

    If none of the above, please specify:

    Question 4
    Please circle which category of patient for which you most often care





    Question 5
    Please write the number of years you have practiced nursing in the space below

    Question 6
    Please circle the range of hours you normally work as a nurse during the week

    5-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 40+

    Question 7
    Has anyone close to you ever been sexually abused?



    Question 8

    Have you been sexually abused?



    Question 9

    If you answered yes to question 8, did the abuse occur in:

    Childhood (under 18)

    Adulthood (18 and over)

    Question 10
    Has a patient ever disclosed sexual abuse to you?



    Question 11
    If you answered yes to question 10, was the abused disclosed by the patient after they were asked if they had a history of any kind of abuse?



    Question 12
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable discussing a patient's sex life with them?
    Please circle the answer you feel most often.

    Never Sometimes Often Always

    The following questions are for classification purposes only.

    Question 13
    What is your age?






    What is your gender? ( circle one)

    Male or Female

    Question 15
    Please circle the highest level of education you have COMPLETED



    Assoc. RN



    Nurse anesthetist

    Nurse midwife Ph.D


    Other (please specify)

    Additional Questions or Comments:

    Thank you very much for your time!
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    Kelly. An idea for more responses would be to generate this in survey monkey and post the link here in the forum
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    I doubt people would reveal information like this on this site.
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    This is from April......thread closed