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    I'm a community health nursing student and I need to write a paper related to interventions that will help a community. One of the interventions I want to write about is improving the public transportation system in the community - my intervention is supposed to have primary, secondary, and tertiary components - I am really confused where to even begin though. Any input on writing this kind of community health interventions would be much appreciated!
    (just fyi the community only has two bus lines, no clearly defined bus stops or boards set up with information about drop off or pick up times or locations. I don't know who in the community a kind of intervention to improve transportation should be suggested to...)
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    See, when someone asks you to write a paper on a topic like this, they don't expect you to be able to write it off the top of your head. If you knew it all already, why would you be in school? :smile: They expect you to learn useful stuff by doing this report.

    If you don't know who in your community is responsible for, say, bus schedules or other transportation issues, part of preparing your paper is FINDING OUT and asking them about the problem you want to address. Be prepared with some data before you see this person, or ask him/her where to find it out-- who uses the bus lines, where do they go the most, how do you think this relates to a community health issue? How do decisions get made about this in the community-- is it a town meeting thing, is it solely up to the head of the transit authority, what? if you had authority to change it, why would you want to, and what would the change look like?

    This is why community nursing is so cool-- it gets you involved in, like, the community health.