Nursing Care Study of a Stroke Patient

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am nursing student who is currently doing a nursing care study assignment of a stroke patient, my patient ia a male inthis seventies, with right sided MCA (middle cerebral artery) infarct, with left sided hemiparesis, dysarthria of speech, expressive aspasia and hemianopia.

    Please can you help me with care plans and offer some advice on how to write a contructive assignment.

    Thanks guys and gals

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  3. by   itsmejuli
    What do you have so far? I can think of many things that apply, but I'm not here to do your homework for you.
  4. by   Derro-Dublin-Ireland
    Hi there

    I am not asking for you to do my assignment, just to give me some ideas. I feel this assignment needs some extra "umph" added to it so any ideas would be most appreciated.

    Thank you
  5. by   VickyRN
    What are your priority nursng diagnoses and interventions with this pt?
  6. by   wahwahgerman
    Do you have a Sparks and Taylor Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual? If not, you should look into purchasing one. I just wrote a care plan for a similar PT with right MCA and left sided weakness, and this book gave some very nice guidelines for the care plan, interventions, outcomes, etc. There's always the standard mobility issues, skin (or risk of skin breakdown), but it's best when it is really specific to your patient.
  7. by   Derro-Dublin-Ireland
    Hi Wahwahgerman

    Thank you so much, I bought that Sparks & Taylor's book. It is brilliant, Thanks once again you are a real star.

  8. by   jiggarman
    so this is what i was missing out you guys can help...
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    hi, op, welcome to an. i don't know what the medical confidentiality laws are in uk but they are strict here, so we make sure no one can ever actually identify a patient from our posts.

    that said, have you ever heard of the nanda-i, the definitive international reference on nursing diagnosis? it's laid out in sections with a section table of contents for every one, with divisions for health promotion, nutrition, eliminaiton, activity/rest, perception/cognition, self-perception, role, sexuality, coping/stress, life principles, safety, comfort, and growth/development.

    this book gives defining characteristics for each possible nursing diagnosis so you can see if that particular one applies, and we use it and teach it all the time. since it is international, i am sure that someone in your college has heard of it. there may even be a copy in your library, or you could certainly get one.