Not Sure How to Write This Paper.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I had to do a clinical day with a school nurse and I have to write a paper on my experience. I have some good ideas, but one of the questions I have to address, I'm not quite sure what to put. Could you tell me what this means exactly?
    Apply concepts of the teaching/learning process in designing teaching strategies in achieving short and long-term goals in the school-age population.
    I assisted the nurse with an educational program that day. She played a video on eye protection and we handed out certificates that they completed this course and also gave them some pages to color. I think I need to write something like...ways to protect your eyes to prevent damage (..........)??? I guess I just would like some help wording this section so it sounds professional on my paper. Thanks for any input.
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  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Break it down.

    1. define your population (I observed Mrs. Smith teach 23 fourth-grade students aged 9-10 at Sunnyside Elementary a unit on eye protection on DATE ...)

    2. define short/long term goals -- if you're looking at preventing eye injuries, you are teaching this unit because... After participating in this activity, students will demonstrate ... , describe ... , state ... , draw a diagram of ... , what? Under what circumstances-- at home, during school activities (gym, playground, class...)

    3. apply -- put into practice, use ... How did the school nurse use what she knows about... (4)

    4. define concepts of teaching/learning -- what do you know, or can you look up, about effective ways to teach the age of kids you observed? (Growth and development, cognitive level...) What is known to work best /worst with them? How do you best engage them, evaluate them ... to make them meet those goals?

    As to "sounding professional," please don't. Regular English without a lot of dependent clauses is much easier to read. Please do not use the passive voice, either. What you want to avoid is something like, "A classroom of 23 9-10-year-old fourth graders at Sunnyside Elementary school were taught a unit on protection of the eyes by Mrs. Smith assisted by this writer." BLEEAAAHHH.