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NANDA diagnosis for a patient at risk for clot formation due to A. Fib

  1. 0 I have a care plan due on Monday related to a patient who has atrial fibrillation. He was on a heparin drip while in the hospital and it aPTT level kept coming back subtherapeutic, so he needed increased infusion rate as well as boluses of heparin throughout several days. He has a previous history of DVT bilaterally. He is at risk for developing thrombi, but I can't find a NANDA nursing diagnosis for this. Can anyone help me?
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    Did you consider the diagnoses of Ineffective Protection or Risk for Injury?
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    Activity Intolerance
    Decreased Cardiac output
    Ineffective Tissue Perfusion
    Ineffective Health Maintenance r/t deficient knowledge

    and blah blah blah ... just add actual/risk for to whatever that makes sense for your patient
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    Risk for Injury r/t ineffective anticoagulant therapy


    Ineffective Protection r/t subtherapeutic anticoagulant therapy aeb PTT labs below therapeutic range
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    Thank you everyone for helping me. I was racking my brain about this one for some reason. I think I'll go with the risk for injury r/t subtherapeutic (or ineffective) anticoagulant therapy m/b aPTT levels below therapeutic range. You were all a great help!!!