medication dosage abbreviation

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    Could someone please tell me what means regarding medication dosage? I have clinical tomorrow and I can't seem to find that anywhere, and I don't have time to tear my house apart looking for a paper I had 2 semesters ago!


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    you are probably referring to the roman numeral 1 written with a lower case i. this is a holdover from the apothecary system which used roman numbers for quantities less than 20. it was common (at least in the apothecary system) to use lower case letters, and some practitioners would draw a line over the lower case i to denote it a number.

    eastern kentucky universitys fundamentals of mathematics for nursing workbook addresses this on page 11.
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    In terms of medications, it means 1 dose. I cannot get the symbol you have written but let's say the doctor's order reads:
    ./. (but your symbol instead) tab Tylenol #3. This would mean you would give 1 tablet of Tylenol #3. We also use this symbol when we need to describe the assistance of one or two. Hope this helps.
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    it means 1..

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