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Maternal-Neonatal Care Plan Assistance Needed

  1. 0 I'm working on a care plan for an newborn. The baby is 24 hrs old, healthy-everything is WNL, she is breastfeeding really well. The mother is an ICU nurse and this is her second child and she doesn't require any teaching. I need 2 nursing diagnoses. I am planning on doing Effective Breastfeeding and Readiness for Enhanced Organized Infant Behavior, but I'm not sure if this is correct. I'm having a hard time coming up with interventions for this, my care plan book doesn't really cover this and I can't find anything useful in my textbook or online. Can anyone recommend a good resource or any assistance with interventions?

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    This is so not my area........have you searches the site? There are plenty of threads about this and I don't have a maternal child care plan book.
    Medscape: Medscape Access requires registration but is an excellent resource scrool to the OB/GYN section.
    Google Search Results for maternal newborn care plan

    These links may help
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    Ok..what are Enhanced Orgnaized infant behaviors?

    The breastfeeding one is good, and you can do one on SIDS...this is a big hot topic in MCN right now. Everyone needs education, even ICU nurses!
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    don't forget that being immediately postpartum makes mush for brains. when i had my first i had some students taking care of me; they discovered i was an icu nurse and decided to ask me for some help. unfortunately for them, at the time i could not remember whether atropine makes your heart go faster or slower. true story. (i remembered later, when my brains weren't coming out my nipples)