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    Ok so I have this assignment. I get DX, past med surg hx and medications being taken and I have to figure out why the labs are abnormal. I have it all figured out but one. My pretend patients BUN levels are low. She's not malnurished. Nothing was said to make me believe she has abnormal liver fnx. She has a IV infusing at 125 cc/hr but she's on Lasix for CHF. She also has a recent abdominal surg and is iron deficiency anemia. I'm not asking for the answer just hoping someone can point me in the right direction............

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    What is BUN for? Not liver but. . . This might tell you why she is in CHF. Also might tell you why she is anemic.
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    Over hydration??
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    YOU might like this site....BUN: The Test | Blood Urea Nitrogen

    Also ...what is the effects of diuretics on the renal system...if any.
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    From what I can tell (as a student what I think I know lol) Increase in BUN can be due to Kidney dysfunction and decrease can be due to liver dysfunction. A decrease in BUN can also be due to a diet low in protein. Recent muscle injuries can also make it low. My question is would a recent abdominal surgery be related to a low level. Isn't that considered a muscle injury of sorts? Her anemia is related to menorrhagia. I just cant figure this one lab out CHF is associated with high levels. She is taking Ferrous Sulfate with can cause liver damage and liver damage can cause low bun head is swimming
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    Low BUN levels are not common and are not usually a cause for concern. They may be seen in severe liver disease, malnutrition, and sometimes when a person is overhydrated (too much fluid volume), but the BUN test is not usually used to diagnose or monitor these conditions.

    Possible Causes of low BUN
    1. Liver disease
    2. Malnutrition
    3. Low protein diet (common in vegetarians and vegans)
    4. Severe muscle injury
    5. Pregnancy

    Google is your friend Blood Urea Nitrogen: Healthwise Medical Information on eMedicineHealth
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