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  1. "(2) "Professional nursing" means the performance of an act
    that requires substantial specialized judgment and skill, the
    proper performance of which is based on knowledge and
    application of the principles of biological, physical, and
    social science as acquired by a completed course in an
    approved school of professional nursing. The term does not
    include acts of medical diagnosis or the prescription of
    therapeutic or corrective measures. Professional nursing
    (A) the observation, assessment, intervention, evaluation,
    rehabilitation, care and counsel, or health teachings
    of a person who is ill, injured, infirm, or
    experiencing a change in normal health processes;
    (B) the maintenance of health or prevention of illness;
    (C) the administration of a medication or treatment as
    ordered by a physician, podiatrist, or dentist;
    (D) the supervision or teaching of nursing;
    (E) the administration, supervision, and evaluation of
    nursing practices, policies, and procedures;
    (F) the requesting, receiving, signing for, and distribution
    of prescription drug samples to patients at sites in
    which a registered nurse is authorized to sign
    prescription drug orders as provided by
    Subchapter B, Chapter 157;
    (G) the performance of an act delegated by a physician
    under Section 157.052, 157.053, 157.054,
    157.0541, 157.0542, 157.058, or 157.059; and
    (H) the development of the nursing care plan"

    I have to answer this question: 1) Identify and discuss three RN's professional values.

    Is the list from above ... THE list of professional values, I've looked everywhere and cannot find the professional values.

    I also would like to know, if I am using information off files from a case where an RN is being charged ... where it shows..

    so and so so so ...... "REVOKED"

    and then it says ...

    charge I and so... on .. this document ... how do I make a citation for this? I am entirely confused and I've googled and my professor through me to the wolfs


    Texas board of nursing. In (2011). Retrieved from http://www.bon.texas.gov/nursinglaw/pdfs/npa2011.pdf
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    There's a difference between a list of legal responsibilities (which you have listed here from the statute) and professional values. What you seek is easily found in the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice and the ANA Code of Ethics. These can be accessed online for free (Google them) or purchased in hard copy from the ANA website or Amazon. I am looking forward to hearing what you find.

    I'm not really understanding much of the rest of your post. Could you clarify what you're looking for? Charge I and so on? What's that?

    If you are citing a board action, you can do something like, "Texas Board of Registered Nursing (or whatever it's called) v. Jane Doe, case # 1234567-ABC, Dec. 2008." If decisions on discipline are posted on the Board website, you use the same citation you would for any website: "www.whatevertheboardofnursingswebsiteurlis.go v/janedoe/decision Retrieved Feb 15, 2013"

    Nursing board actions are usually based on a breach of standard of care as noted in the statute. How do you think nursing values are reflected in the statutes?

    "Through you to the wolfs"-- I think you mean, "threw you to the wolves," but I'm not clear how your faculty did that. It means they did not support you, they let events or other authority overtake you, so you're on your own and in danger. Note that making you find stuff out yourself is not dangerous.
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    GrnTea is right.....
    Policy Statement – The ANA Code for Nurses
    “The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (Code for Nurses) explicates the goals, values and ethical precepts that direct the profession of nursing. The ANA believes the Code for Nurses is nonnegotiable and that each nurse has an obligation to uphold and adhere to the code of ethics.”
    A simple Google search yielded many results about RN's professional values.
  5. by   StudentOfHealing
    Thank you all.

    I used the professional values listed on ANA. Within my assignment there are several questions. The question I brought here to AN was asking what are some of the profession values of an RN. Another question ask to discuss what standards/ethic upheld by the ANA were violated by the offender, for this reason I chose to list and talk about the 3 values specific to the offender in the paragraph preceding the paragraph asking which she actually violated. Does this make sense? I believe it makes it more cohesive and the flow is better.

    My other question (sorry I was being unclear).

    Okay, let us imagine I am on the TBON site... I go to disciplinary action then recent action and lists all these offenders.... well once I choose an offender... it takes me to a PDF and there is no URL. So should I use the URL that show up just before? Because otherwise Idk how to cite or reference this information (the papers that discuss her charges and the conclusion) (which happens to be the PDF without a URL).

    I hope that makes some sense. I tried sending an email to my professor but we have technical difficulties with our school email system sometimes. I don't want to text my professor and make it seem like I'm rushing a response/help.

    I would appreciate any help.(:

    Thank You.
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    And I am sorry if my grammar and spelling appears incredibly sloppy ... my phone has a mind of its own and I am limited on time):

    (of course my essay won't be sloppy though) (:
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    Quote from StudentOfHealing

    Okay, let us imagine I am on the TBON site... I go to disciplinary action then recent action and lists all these offenders.... well once I choose an offender... it takes me to a PDF and there is no URL. So should I use the URL that show up just before?

    Thank You.
    Yes, you do.

    The purpose of a citation is to make it possible for the reader to go to the same place to read the material you cite and make sure you have quoted/characterized it accurately. This is called "using a primary source," and when you cite papers or anything else, be sure you're not citing someone else's citation (if that makes sense; that's called a secondary source). Find out what the quote is from (information will be in their bibliography/references) and read it in the original before you cite it.

    So if you give the URL and when your reader goes there s/he can find the same thing you found, that's all you need.
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    Thank You!