Jean Watson: caring components versus concepts

  1. I think I just need some clarification.

    If I am reading this right caring concepts of Watson s theory are: Human, environment, health and nursing. Which also include the transpersonal relationship, caring moment/occasion, and

    while the the components consist of: just the carative factors? or should i be looking at caring and the nursing/client relationship
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am not sure what you mean....
  4. by   llg
    As you don't give a lot of details, I am guessing a little here ... but

    Health, person, nursing, and environment are not "key concepts of Watson's Caring Theory." They are the 4 concepts in the nursing meta-paradigm as identified by Jacquiline Fawcett (spelling of first probably incorrect) -- concepts that are commonly included in one form or another in many theoretical works. They are 4 concepts that are used by many scholars to describe and compare theories. Many textbooks use those 4 concepts to describe, analyze, evaluate, and compare nursing theories. For example, someone might ask, "How do these two theorist view the concept of person differently? What do their ideas about people have in common? etc.)

    I suspect that your confusion is stemming from mixing up the concepts that your textbook authors use to discuss/compare theories with actual key concepts emphasized by the theorist herself. Watson's original theory focus on 14 "caring factors." Over time, those evolved into 14 "carative processes." Within those 14 factors, and within additional writings, she talks about people and nursing, etc., but not as cornerstones of her theory.

    I hope that helps a little.
  5. by   puravidaLV
    one book says she "defined three of the four metaparadigm concepts: human being, health, and nursing ( and another added environement)).
    Another said the concept was the 10 not 14 carative factors (You probably have something more recent than what I have available to me)....

    ....i feel like I am explaining nothing but abstract idea that someone wrote down while really high.

    now i found another table that list the major concepts of human caring as
    human being, health, nursing, actual caring occasion, the transpersonal relationship, phenomenal field
    self, and time.....not the carative factors.
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  6. by   llg
    I'm sorry. You're right -- it is 10 carative factors, not 14. And I should have said "caritas processes" instead. I was in a hurry when I wrote my previous response.

    Your 2nd post above is consistent with what I said about the 4 meta-paradigm concepts (health, person, nursing, and environment). Those 4 concepts were not key concepts in her theory. Someone else -- the author of whatever you were reading -- was using those 4 concepts to help analyze Watson's theory. That author concluded that Watson only defined 3 of those concepts, not all 4.

    The second article you discuss in your post is talking about the theory and different concepts discussed within Watson's Theory. That author is not just focusing on the 4 meta-paradigm concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing -- but rather is identifying all of the concepts discussed by Watson.

    Author #1 is asking: Did Watson talk about the 4 concepts in nursing's meta-paradigm?

    Author #2 is asking: What are the major concepts that Watson discussed?

    Do you see? The 2 authors are looking at the theory from 2 very different angles.
  7. by   puravidaLV
    Does anyone truly enjoy the word paradigm?

    Honestly I haven't a clue. I think author number 2 is correct in listing the concepts, yet then what are the components? the human, health, and nursing? is it the nurse only? is it the circular relationship that funds the idea of the theory? or do i look at the main component as being "caring" in the general sense of the self and the client?

    I feel subjected to subjectiveness of the subjectism by the subjectivity brought on by subliminal messages...

    thanks really this is actually helping me understand this
  8. by   Esme12
    I think this site may help!

    Jean Watson's Theory of Nursing
  9. by   puravidaLV
    ok so the major concepts according to Jean watsons website are the human, the environment, health, and nursing.

    I can accept this

    The major components might be were I am stuck at. A component is a part of the whole that makes up the concept. So either I can say that the component that makes the concept is "caring" or I can look at the product which would be the transpersonal relationships, oooorrrr the component ARE the carative factors which looks at humanizing and reflection of caring.

    i think i just puked out a dissertation
  10. by   Esme12
    look at the product which would be the transpersonal relationships, oooorrrr the component ARE the carative factors which looks at humanizing and reflection of caring.
    You did....LOL