jean watson and fawcett

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    I am currently writing a paper for school analyzing Jean Watson's theory of caring with Fawcett's criteria for evaluation. For some reason I am having a difficult time using all of fawcett's criteria to analyze the theory. Does anyone have any assistance they could lend?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    There's several components to Fawcett's criteria. Which are you having problems with?
  4. by   Kat2266
    Thank you for your response. My assignment is to critique watson's theory based on fawcetts criteria. I understand significance but am struggling with the other components. I have also not been able to find substantial articles that will help me find/use the criteria for evaluation.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    We are happy to help with homework but we won't do it for you. If you're having trouble finding articles I suggest a reputable search engine such as Google Scholar, ebscohost, Cochrane database or Medline. Did you do a google search? I just typed in "Fawcett's criteria for evaluation of theory" and there seems to be several articles that come up just on the first page.

    Try breaking down the definitions of the different criteria and ask yourself how it applies to the theory. Example:

    Parsimony: parsimony is a measure of how adequately resources are used. Does the theory require spending money or other resources (time, medical supplies, etc.)? Are those resources used needlessly?
  6. by   MunoRN
    Fawcett's criteria won't work all that well on Watson's theory, Parse's criteria would be more appropriate. Are you allowed to choose either the theory to evaluate or the tool? If so, I'd pick a less abstract theory for Fawcett's criteria, or a tool more appropriate for abstract theories such as Watson's.
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