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    Hey guys! I'm a first year Nursing student and in my Nursing class we have an Image of Nursing assignment. I need to ask several questions to a senior Nursing student. I don't really know of any senior nursing students I could ask, so if anyone could help that would be awesome! Please message me your answers.

    1. What does a nurse do?
    2. Are there specific skills that they need to perform their role?
    3. Do you see nursing as a profession or an occupation?
    4. Why did you decide to become a nurse?
    5. What is the most exciting part of the nurse's practice?

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    I don't know if I would be able to help you out or not. I just graduated from my BSN program in December and passed my boards Friday.
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    Quote from countrygurl89
    I don't know if I would be able to help you out or not. I just graduated from my BSN program in December and passed my boards Friday.
    Hm I believe you could. Because for my other interviews it needs to be a nurse who has been practicing for at least two years. So I think you could still help me out for the senior nursing student interview, if you don't mind!
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    Can u get PMs?
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    oh it says I cannot receive PMs yet.
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    Sure. I will sometime this evening
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    Thank you so much! and congrats on passing your boards!
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    Paging GrnTea, paging GrnTea.

    Danielle, first of all you need to remove your email address from your previous post. You have no idea what kind of people are lurking on this board or what they will do with that information.

    Secondly, the purpose of assignments like this are to get you out there and talk to real people. Networking is how you can get a hand up in finding employment. Older students and current nurses in your area are the people you should be networking with, not anonymous people on an internet message board where you have no proof of identity or student/nurse status. As a nursing student, I think it's fair to assume you attend a nursing school. That school should have senior nursing students for you to interview, and as they have been through the class you are currently taking, they should be familiar with the assignment.
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    While I agree to a point, I would like to say this: last year's ADN class on my campus had two students. This year, we have eight. How do you think those two would feel about answering all eight of us? Wouldn't exactly add to the discussion in our class, you know?
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    We all have had this homework assignment. And everyday someone posts a thread looking for someone to answer the questions. Resources for you to use should include: your local ANA chapter, your clinical site, your SNA, your state SNA, a school, public health dept, the list goes on and on of people you can interview. A clinical educator at your local hospital would be willing to be interviewed. Your professor doesn't give you the assignment for fun but for you to learn how to network, get out and meet others, seek useful resources, not to go straight to a forum full of strangers. How do you site a peer interview base on a public forum? How do you validate what the other is stating? Even though others are more than willing to answer the questions for you, you really should try other avenues than a public forum.

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