Initial nursing care of an acute asthma attack Initial nursing care of an acute asthma attack | allnurses

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Initial nursing care of an acute asthma attack

  1. 0 Hi all, i require a little assistance with the initial assessment of a patient with acute asthma

    I am just a little confused with the nursing care i need to put it in order of clinical priority.

    I realize i need to follow the ABCDEFG algorithm. Just i am not sure exactly what exactly should i administer oxygen therapy. Do i administer oxygen as soon as i have assessed his airway? and when do i start to give pharmacology medications such as nebulizing the patient? all help would be appreciated

    thank you in advance
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    My guess would be meds first. 02 won't do much with closed airways.
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    Priority depends on each individual situation. It the person isn't breathing at all giving a neb will not help. Oxygen is important but without a patent airway O2 will not do any good.

    YOu need to be a little more specific for us to know how best to help.