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Hi, I'm a nursing student here in Ga. We have to complete a concept map on a patient. My patient is a 48 yr old male who was in a vehicle accident who suffered head trauma. My number one diagnosis is ineffective airway... Read More

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    a potential problem, which is what a risk for aspiration is, never a priority over actual problems which is what your ineffective airway clearance is.

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    Ok. Well I really appreciate the help daytonite. Sorry it took so long to finally get it. This is my first concept map so i'm having a little trouble coming up with the goal. But i'll get better.
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    ineffective airway clearance rt inability to remove secretions as manifested by inefective cough
    yes, with time and experience you will get better at this. looking again at the diagnosis you proposed i missed pointing out something to you last evening. the inability to remove secretions is merely a restatement of the definition of this nursing problem and, therefore, cannot be a related factor, or etiology, of it.
    i understand that as a beginner at this it can be frustrating. this is nursing language combined with the nursing process and how you are being trained to think to do the job. trust me and other veterans of the profession that this is the way we want you to rationalize out these problems. when we get this person's secretions cleared, choking is off the table. this is only one nursing problem. there are 206 other ones.
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    Impaired Spontaneous Ventilation????????

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