Independent nursing interventions

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    Please can someone tell me if these are Independent nursing interventions.

    Oxygen administration
    Drug administration
    Change the patient position frequently
    Monitoring input and output flow.

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    Drug administration is not. You need doctor orders to administer medications.
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    what do you think? Which of those can a nurse decide to do without any input from another health care professional?
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    Tell us what you think and why...
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    We are happy to help with homework but we will not give answers. Tell us what you think and why and we will join in the dialog
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    Which of those are part of the medical plan of care out into place as a result of a medical diagnosis, and which are part of a nursing plan of care put in place as a result of a nursing diagnosis? Look at scope of practice. There's your answer.

    But I'm thinking that 10 days later the OP's homework assignment has already been turned in.
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