I would love your input and opinions on RN residency programs for new grads. | allnurses

I would love your input and opinions on RN residency programs for new grads.

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    I am a nursing student and for my capstone project I am doing a project on the RN residency programs. I would like to include real nurses opinions. I have done all the research, I just wanted to add real nurses opinions. If you have went through, are going through or if you help new nurses go through this kind of program, please write a comment. All comments are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
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    Ours was the Versant program. It was nice having the preceptor for the 3 months, but the classes were god awful boring. We just got out of nursing school so going through classes again was like getting hit in the head over and over with the same info. The only benefit to them was tat they brought in a lot of our hospitals policies.
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    Thanks for your input it helps so much.
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    I'm a new grad in an ICU residency right now. I really love it. It's a great way to bridge you from student to professional. We have class 1 week/month, which includes a simulation lab experience. It's a great opportunity to get up close and personal with equipment, meds, and assessments that are specific to the ICU. I feel much safer practicing something on a manniquin and then putting it into practice on the unit. Our program is 6 months long, but I've heard from many nurses who did not have this residency opportunity that they wished it has existed when they started in the ICU.
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    Thank you very much for sharing good look in the program.