I think I hit a pot of gold.

  1. I got a B on my first medusrg exam... I got a C on the second.. and I scared for the 3rd exam.

    I have decided to ask myself how this applies to nursing as I read my text... do you believe this will help?

    For example ... Gerontologic considerations are decreased taste and smell ... okay so what? thats just a fact... Okay so in my nursing mind I think... this equates to....

    decreased appetite ....

    meaning eating less... meaning....

    decreased immunity...

    if they are on bed rest big risk for sores.

    okay for lower GI Barium enema ... nurses job is to clean out the colon... give enemas and laxatives...

    so in my nursing mind I think I need to make sure they aren't a risk for fall... if they are they need call light near them and I need to tell the UPAa to be alert please... Tell pt to call if they have to go.

    I also need to monitor for hypokalmeia d/t all the diarrhea.. ?

    I also need to monitor for dehydration?
    I can keep them on clear liquid until 8 hours before the procedure.

    am i on the right track?
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  3. by   StudentOfHealing
    oh and the feces might be white post proc, so advice pt ahead of time of such occurrence.
  4. by   Esme12
    Well done.... you are on the way to that lateral thinking.......for the lower GI and cleaning out the colon this is a huge fall time for the elderly...their rectal tone isn't what it used to be and there is urgency they jump out of bed (and they don't jump so well anymore) become dizzy and weak form the stools and dehydration and the increased in and out of bed is exhausting. Any strain on the elderly can cause confusion.

    See how it branches out?
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Oh, I do love it when they are learning to pay attention to the bigger picture! Another gold star for SoH!