How was the OB/Maternal Newborn ATI?

  1. I just took my Peds ATI on Friday and scored a 70%, level 2 after getting the highest score of 63% on the practice tests. My OB ATI is tomorrow morning and my first score on the practice test was a 68% and my 2nd was a 83% (two different practice tests) - I'm used to the practice tests being more difficult than the actual ATI this the same with OB? Or is this too much wishful thinking? Does anyone know the national average (when you took it) for OB or how did you do?! Thanks for any info!!!
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  3. by   melissa0
    Although I didn't get any responses - I'll respond for future people who are googling this very same question!! I passed the OB ATI with a 78% - the national mean was 71.8% - I did find this more difficult than the practice tests though, the questions were trickier and in more detail than I had expected. But all is well and I passed!!
  4. by   whichway
    I have only taken the fundanmentals and nutrition ati test, but I found both of those to have a few questions from the practice test. I also found the ati tests to have test questions about things not covered in the ati book, but in the ati modules. I'm not complaining. I'm trying to say WELL DONE if the ob/maternal test is like the ati tests I have taken.
  5. by   Nitfree
    I found the the ATI tests have most of the info in their books, but alot of the info from the DVD's. Unfortunately, found this out just one month before graduation. If you have an ATI exam, then only study ATI literature. At least that's what I've discovered too late.