Help with Newborn Careplan

  1. I have trouble because it is a newborn. There was nothing wrong with the infant. I've finished most of it. But I always get stuck on the nursing diagnoses when it comes to a newborn. The only problem that the physician and mom was worried about was the fact that she had a sister that died of SIDs at 10wks old.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  3. by   Daytonite
    think about what you know about the assessment findings of a normal newborn compared to an adult. what's different? for one thing newborns can't regulate their body temperature which is why we don't leave them exposed to the room atmosphere for very long with just a diaper covering them. that's ineffective thermoregulation r/t immature compensation for changes in environmental temperature. some newborns just have a few difficulties with excessive secretions in the respiratory track (the big hint here is that the nurses will keep a bulb syringe nearby the baby) so ineffective airway clearance can be used. they also have a stump from the umbilical cord hanging off their future belly button. do you? are they treating this cord stump? if it's inflamed or there are umbilical cord problems there is risk for infection, so you can use risk for infection r/t break in skin integrity at umbilical cord site ([color=#3366ff]risk for infection). if the baby has been circumscribed that is another reason for a risk of infection. is this baby breastfeeding? if so, use effective breastfeeding.

    the underlined blue type is a weblink to a nursing diagnosis page with nanda information and some goals and nursing interventions.
  4. by   trimeduRN
    Thank you so much. After your explanation i found other diagnoses as well that I can use. My problem isnt that I dont know whats wrong. It was where to start with the information I have. Thank you so much. :bowingpur

  5. by   jodil
    Im in the same situation with my newborn was able to come up with 4 of 5 required diagnosis. Before reading this blog However am a little confused as to how to use effective breastfeeding. My diagnosis are to relate to infant only not mother.