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  1. Hello, my name is Austin Davis and I am a pre-nursing student at Indiana University Southeast. I have an assignment to interview anyone who is either started their career or is a nurse, or is still a student close to there expected graduation date.

    The interview is around 15 questions and a list of follow-up questions.
    Its due this Thursday, yes I know short notice I completely forgot about this assignment over thanksgiving break and was just reminded today, so a fast response would be greatly appreciated.

    Being new to this site im not sure if this is the right place to post or not, If I posted this in the wrong place could a moderator please move this to a more acceptable location.

    If you are willing to help me out please comment back or message me your email and I will send you the questions and follow up survey.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    it's not a good idea to identify yourself so clearly. for one thing, it's all searchable; and for another, your faculty and classmates may be reading this.:d

    best wishes
  4. by   Esme12
    The interview process in an important one for a nurse and needs to be done face to face. ......there are other ways to speak with a nurse. You can try at the "minute clinics" at CVS or Walgreens/Walmart. Check with your local school nurses to see if they will set up a time or talk to you over the phone. You town's Department of Health usually has a nurse or two or even your town's senior center or senior services. You can make an appointment with your MDs Nurse Practitioner or office nurse/manager (If she is an RN) you can also try one of those outlying "Doc in a Box" places or "walkins" and see if there is a nurse there who can talk. So there are a few other places you can find a can also got to any B/P screening events or flu clinics for some nurses there.

    There are many of us here that believe coming to an Internet forum isn't the way to conduct an interview. The interview process in nursing is an important nursing skill and is a huge part of the nursing process of an assessment, as much of a tool and a thermometer, pulse ox or stethoscope. There is a TON of information that can be obtained by facial expression and body language that will better enable you to effectively care for your patient.

    Good luck!
  5. by   austinx812
    I know its not the most recommended way to conduct an interview, but its due tomorrow and it being finials week I just dont have to to set up appointments. This is the second part of this assignment the first I did have an in person interview and did a presentation on that but this is strictly for a grade and all I need to do is turn in the info ive gathered to my professor no paper or presentation.
    I know its my fault for not having this done and im making no excuses just trying to get an A im sure you all can relate to that .