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  1. 0 What does this mean?

    "List potential plan of care revisions available to nurses"

    Does the tchr. want a list of care plans I can use on a patient? and what does she mean by revisions?
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    Moved to Nursing Student Assistance for more response.
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    can you please restate your question? I am not sure what you are asking. You can always e-mail your instructor.
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    The question might be saying, I think, "What changes in the nursing plan of care might be needed later (things that nursing does without a medical order)?"

    If so, this is where you get to impress your instructor with what you have learned about the usual nursing plan of care early on in a condition, and how it will change as the condition is treated/progresses/resolves.

    Or maybe she's asking what resources you would use to decide what changes might be applied. The answer to that is "NANDA-I 2012-2014, two-day free shipping for all students."

    I agree with Esme: If ever you don't understand a question (and not just while you're in school, always), always, always get it clarified before you answer it.

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