Help with some questions?

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    I have some review questions but I'm having trouble with a few and would like some help.

    what electrolyte to monitor if blood in stool? we're focusing on sodium/potassium

    patient on airborne isolation what would you do? leave door slightly open, visitors in and out, leave door open or leave phone in room?

    what type of dressing for serosanguinous wound?

    oozing feces and 4 days with no bm?...fecal impaction?

    food given to constipated patients...scrambled eggs, prune juice, orange juice or yogurt?

    thanks for your help!

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    leave the phone in the room
    possible impaction
    prune juice
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    We are happy to help but need what you think first.....start the dialog and we will jump right in. Giving you the answers won't make you a better nurse.
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    Though B&Jsmom has helpfully give you her idea of the answers, we do not do your homework for you. I am very confident that you would find the answers to every single one of these in your med/surg text. If when you do that you are unclear on rationales, derivations, etc., please ask us to clarify for you. Just don't ask us to fill in the blanks in your homework checklist; tell us what you did to find out for yourself first.

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