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HELP Lab Values

  1. 1 What are the differences between these lab values.. (meaning)

    Eosinophil (2.8) vs EOS#(0.4) or Monocyte vs Mono#?

    Thanks I have to interpret all of these values ASAP!!!
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    Check a lab manual; it's important to do your homework yourself, and not just "drop it off" here
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    i am checking my lab manual... i only listed 2 examples. i have 20+. i truly do no know the difference bw the 2. i am not asking for analysis... simply a definition (meaning behind) eosinophils vs eos #.... i don't understand what the # is referring to.
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    Did you get these on an assignment or from a facility? If assignment, can't help you cause I have no clue. If at facility, you could call the LAB directly. Or maybe google.
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    Is the word "absolute" before either of them?
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