Healthy Newborn Pathophysiology

  1. Hi all! I am two weeks away from finishing my second semester of nursing school and I am currently working on a concept map. In this concept map, I have to have a pathophysiology of the diagnosis. I have done patho's before on diseases but my diagnosis for this patient is just that she is a newborn as it is for my ob clinicals. I'm just looking for some guidance as to what a pathophysiology on a newborn could be. This has really got me boggled! Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Tait
    Well babies have a myriad of things going on when they are born including feeding habits, latch, reflexes, vital signs, input and output. I am not super familiar with concept maps as we didn't do them when I was in school, but from what I can google they look like nursing dx in the middle with all the factors around it?
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    Concept mapping and Concept Mapping are great resources on care maps step by step guides.

    Some of the more common minor problems observed in the "normal" healthy newborn include potential exposure to maternal beta-strep, temperature instability, transient tachypnea, glucose instability, difficulty with breastfeeding, jaundice and circumcision care.
    Effective breastfeeding, Ineffective breastfeeding, Risk for SIDS Ineffective thermoregulation, nutrition less than body requirements,and at risk for infection

    Is this a vag delivered baby? C-section? Full term infant? Mom B-strep? Breast fed? Bottle fed?

    All this plays into the care of the baby.....What would you "look for" that this baby is OK.