head to toe assessment cheatsheet - page 2

Just the headings and maybe what you look for such as Head eyes ears etc. my 2nd wk at clinical my book doesn't elaborate too much.... Read More

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    Quote from Zenaida1989
    can you make this available to see please I have an assessment coming up and am looking for a quick guideline please help thanks
    What kind of assessment -- complete head to toe, focused assessment, or a quick and dirty assessment that we do at the bedside? When I took the assessment class that used the Jarvis book, we started out assessing specific areas: head, eyes, hearing, skin, neuro, etc. Then the entire thing was put together and we did a huge assessment that included everything. I know that the Jarvis book website has an assessment check off sheet for each part of the assessment and one long check off sheet for the full body assessment.

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    complete head to toe, we have to perform a complete health assessment in 15 minutes, I just wanted to see this cheat sheet to give me an idea of how to correlate my own cheat sheet, but for some because I haven't posted 15 posts I can'e e-mail it to myself. if I press print will it print out the assessment for me? well thanks for helping me this is also my first year as an RN student

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