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Gestational Diabetes Complete Care Plan

  1. 0 I am doing a paper on a complication of pregnancy. I need a Nursing Care Plan that would be used for a patient with GDM. I don't have a patient to use this for, it's just a hypothetical situation, so you can make up whatever you want! Thanks for the help!!
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    What do you have so far? Since this is an assignment for you to do, we shouldn't do it for you. We'll be glad to help you tweak it, but doing it for you doesn't help you learn.
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    i dont have anything. don't know where to start.
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    Start with opening your book.
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    Since you mentioned gestational diabetes, look in your text book, or look it up online to see what difficulties a person with gestational diabetes would have. Then, see which fit with nursing diagnoses. You should have a nursing diagnosis book if you're in nursing school. If not, you can do a search on "nursing diagnoses" online to find a list. Once you have that, you should be able to come up with some interventions a nurse could use. Your text should have these. If not, they are online.
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    omg i swear i'm not as stupid as i seem lol! i've just worked a 12 hour shift and am now starting homework. a good place to start is always the text book...duh me! i found the exact written care plan i was looking for! sometimes we all need a reminder. thank you