fracture bedpans

  1. Is there some magic trick to using these? No matter the placement urine gets all over the bed. I now put washcloth/towel over to keep things more "contained". But do these things even really work for urine or is it just so they can have a bm that ends up all over their behind because the lack of depth of these things?

    someone enlighten me if they work and this is just an operator error?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Is the spillage happening during their use, or when you're removing them? With female patients and urinating, have the patients separate their thighs a little. If they don't the urine pools between their legs, runs along the crack formed by where their thighs come together and ends up where ever gravity takes it. When you remove the pan push down on the handle end gently as you remove it so the urine flows toward the deep end. I used to sprinkle a little baby power on the flat edge of the pan so it slid out and away from the patient's skin easier. You can also sprinkle the baby powder on the sheet of the bed under the fracture pan as well to help it slide out.
  4. by   fultzymom
    I always try to hold down the side of the bed pan when I am removing it from underneath of the patient so it will not tip over with them when they roll over to get off of it. Also like above poster mentioned, having them spread the thighs some will keep it from spilling over.
  5. by   StacieRN
    I don't recommend having pt roll off fracture pan if only voided in. Have pt spread legs and push with heels to lift butt and remove pan from between legs. If pt has only one leg to use (one leg casted or in traction) then get a trapeze on bed and pt can push with one heel and lift with arms.

    Be careful not to put pan too far toward the back. Some women have a strong stream and will overshoot the pan. If this happens, a female urinal (or Millie) is great. Call the supply room - they may have them but not distribute to the floors (only give out when requested).

    If the problem is too much urine, ask the woman to void more frequently and not wait until she's "bursting" to ask for pan.
  6. by   Michelle123
    I've never used a fracture pan for a BM, wouldn't the flap get in the way?
  7. by   Daytonite
    Part of learning to use these fracture pans is learning to position your patients on them correctly. If the patient's anus is on top of this "flap" (the flat part of the pan), yes, any defecation is going to be blocked by this part of the pan and end up smeared all over. It'll only happen to you once because it's not fun to have to clean it up. You have to make sure you position the pan so that when the patient does defecate it is going to end up in the pan itself.