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I am currently at the halfway point of my first trimester, and I am BEAT(A+P is kicking my gluteous maximus). I was hoping I could get some encouragment about better classes coming in the future? What classes were your... Read More

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    i loved loved loved physiology, microbiology, and sociology/anthropology.

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    Quote from palmbeachRN
    My thought going through school was always to pretend that I was interested in the class...fake yourself out to get through it!!!!
    Omg I used this method and it works! I recommend it to everyone!!
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    So far my clinical rotations have been my favorite. I'm getting ready to start OB/Peds in the fall, which I think will absolutely be my favorite. Focusing on women's health and eventually pursuing my CNM is my goal and why I started nursing school to begin with. Actually getting to focus on that for a semester is beyond exciting to me.

    I was frustrated with A&P, as it's the basics, but when you really get into the nitty gritty of it all, you will absolutely get over the boredom! Good luck!
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    My favorite class was graduating. Lol

    Lectures (Fundamental Med Surge I and II, OB/Peds) - Interesting but our tests were always much more difficult than our content and our questions more difficult than what our books expanded on. Reasoning? NCLEX won't hold our hand and guide us through a question, we have to learn to think independently and not how a book tells us too. Holy stress on a stick!!

    Skills Labs and Event Simulations: Stressful because our proctor was the director of the program. And sometimes the Dean would pop her head in. If we failed more than one check-off we would be kicked out of the program. Performance anxiety to the max!!

    Clinical: Wasn't fun until senior year. 12 hour night shifts, aw yeah! Night nurses are the best! Those 12 hour morning shifts made me feel like a zombie...

    Core University Classes/Requirements: Biggest load of crap I've had to endure. Twice as much liberal arts course hours than my major! A+P I and II was enjoyable though...everything else was just a pain in my neck.
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    I loved all the science based classes-A&P and Micro, Pharm and most of the nursing classes. Top was the peds portion of OB-Peds. Med-Surge (1&2) are second. Hated psych and fundamentals. Best clinical experience was my internship on the Peds floor on night shift my last semester.

    anything that required psychology or sociology or ethics etc i dreaded. Thank G-d they are easy A's in my school
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    Prereqs- I loved psych and sociology.Nursing- About to start my second semester of actual nursing classes so I haven't gotten into the "good stuff" yet, but I had Pathophysiology last semester. Loved it!!

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