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evidence based practice research topic

  1. 0 I am looking for an evidence based reasearch topic tht is newer....my instructors are encouraging us to find a topic that has been researched but not implemented...for example "it is new best practice to not inflate the foley catheter balloon before foley insertion due to weakening of the balloon structure". This research is already being implemented...i would like something not in affect yet...
    Any ideas? Can be anything nursing..any skills, any staffing problem, any degree advancement topic..or anything you wish was different in nursing...i work a small,critical access ER so i would love to hear about ER/Trauma stuff....

    We are actually not writing a paper ...i will be presenting a powerpoint presentation in front of all allied health students of the college and anyone in the community who want to attend the presentations.
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    Where have you looked so far, and what have you found?
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    I would check out the AHRQ (The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) site......Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Home and their evidence based section.