EKG/vent etc certification before getting license

  1. 0 What kinds of certification classes can I take as a BSN student that can help me once I'm a nurse? I've looked up EKG certification classes but all I could find were EKG tech classes. Anyone have any ideas or specific classes to recommend in the Orange County, California area? Thank you in advance!
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    The list is endless, depending on specialty. You might think about BLS or ACLS. A quick Google search found these and some are very expensive. Many hospitals have these in their nurse residencies programs.

    It is sad what the market, and some of these for profit and online schools, has done to nursing....when I graduated this was called orientation.

    Orange County CPR || EMS Training and Education
    IV Therapy | ACLS Certification | ACLS Renewal | BLS | Heartsave
    :: Orange :: ECG & Pharmacology Course - AH

    Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) - St. Joseph Hospital of Orange

    Basic EKG Interpretation Training: One day seminar ... - SUNY Orange
    Code 3 CPR Training in Orange County
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    Thank you!! My school already provides CPR and ACLS, thank goodness.... I'll look these up.

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