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Drams to mL ... how?

  1. 0 Can someone help me with how to convert drams to mL?

    I was in a medmath brush up course yesterday and we discussed this. In class she said that

    Dram i = 4 mL
    Dram i = 5 mL ... you choose whether you use 4 or 5 depending on what divides in evenly.

    At the time with the problems we were given it made sense however when I got home and started working I came across

    Dram xx = ___ mL .... okay ... both 4 and 5 go into 20 evenly and give different answers (obviously)

    Is there something I'm missing or does someone else know a more accurate formula for this conversion? I'm not finding it in my text and when I google I'm only coming up with generators (which will give the answer but not show me how it's done)

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    That's interesting, I didn't think you should change what the value of something just to make it even, especially when 3.7 and 5 can make a biiiig difference...I googled it and the first 3 sites all said 1 dram= 3.7ml. But hold that thought, I'll look it up in my book.

    I searched on here, someone else said 1 ounce (oz) = 8 drams (dr)..so 30/8 is 3.75
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    I mean, really you get a big difference if you divide by 3.75, 4, or 5.

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    yeah - i thought it was too good to be true in class yesterday. thanks so much for the help. i found another thing on this site searching around after i posted (love this site as a resource) that said

    30 monkeys laughed at 1 old zebra
    8 dozen roses, 2 turkey, 6 tums

    30 ml = 1 oz = 8 dr = 2 t = 6 t

    thank you so much for the input. i really appreciate it. now i know to really scrutinize shortcuts in math before i try to put them to practice.