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Dosage help!!

  1. 0 This is a practice dosage question for a dosage exam I have coming up. This exact question will not be on the exam just ones similar to it. I do not want the answer just help on how to solve it. The formula I need to use to be able to problems like this. Order: Drug "Y" 2 g in 1000ml D5W at 0.05mg/kg/min The pt. wt is 132lbs. Thanks!
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    So you need to convert the 132 lbs in to kg by dividing by 2.2.(59.5 in this case).Multiply to find out how many mg/min (0.05 x 59.5 = 2.975, rounded to 3mg.)
    2g is 2000mg in 1000 ml or 2 mg/ml.What are they asking for? ml per minute or mls per hour? 3mg a minute would be 1.5mls a minute or 90 mls an hour ( 1.5 x 60 = 90).

    You really have an incomplete question here. What exactly are they asking for?
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    ml/hr sorry!
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    Thank u that helped me!!
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