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difference btwn health assessment and physical assessment/examination

  1. 0 Going over some notes and to me I dont see a difference but just wanted to make sure.. any comments would be greatly appreciated

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    My opinion is that physical assessment is when you are physically touching the pt, health assessment takes physical assessment as well as labs, vital signs, ect into account. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Health Assessment involves questions... Family History, Medical history, etc.
    The physical assessment is the actual exam of the patient i.e Head to Toe
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    if your care provider wants to know if you're healthy, the physical assessment is only part of the job of finding out. lifestyle, diet, exercise, safety, living quarters, all sorts of things go into a health assessment. so do auscultation and percussion, direct examination, objective testing (eyesight, hearing, other special senses), xrays, bp checks, ua, blood work, and other tests. that help?