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I have No clue how we make one. I dont know how to fell this data sheet thingy up! Help!!!!... Read More

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    Hey now, no one can help you if you jump down everyone's throat when they try. We need a little more info on this data sheet to be able to help you. Like a pp said, it's most likely an assessment sheet and you fill it out with patient info. You should have gotten the info from the patient, chart, and your own nursing assessment/things you did that day.
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    Were you assigned to make your own? Or are you just curious what's on it?

    Esme posts some excellent brain sheets if they're for your own personal use. I'm sure she'll be along soon enough

    If you're needed full patient info I'd include all the suggestions about head to toe assessment data as well as a med sheet where you can write drugs, dose, usual dose (to double check for errors in orders) and why the pt is taking the drug.
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    Duuu-uu-uude, it's like this? You apparently have a form that has blanks in it? You, like, fill in the blanks? With a pen?

    It says something like, "Age, gender." You fill in the patient's age and gender?
    "Diagnosis." That's the medical diagnosis? Write that in?
    "Medications." List them, with doses and frequencies and why they are prescribed?
    "Physical assessment." What did you observe when you ran through the physical assessment you learned in lab before you came to clinical? Vital signs, lung sounds, bowel sounds, pulses, skin, special senses, etc. ..?
    "Treatments." What are ordered, how often, and what are they for?
    And so forth? Fill in the freakin' blanks and you can't, like, go wrong?

    Nobody's hating on you? Take this as an opportunity to get free feedback on your written skills at communicating what you need to ask? All of us can't be wrong in not understanding you? You're, like, lucky to have us, y'know?

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    Hahaha Grn Tea..... dude (sorry I had to). I'm sorry, but you're in clinicals providing patient care to real patients? Surely your clinical instructors went over this "data sheet" with you. It also sounds like it wouldn't be assigned to you if you hadn't already learned some of these skills: assessment, etc. Please reword your question telling us specifically what your dilemma is and we would be more than happy to provide assistance to you.
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    Quote from asma6
    People Stop hating on me! Lol now I feel stupid. I just wanna see how It'sdone, you know?
    I am sorry I am late to the game.......I have been sick again... Not everyone is in the US, Not everyone is as fortunate as we are with our schooling and educational programs. I feel, We need to be as helpful as possible when someone is asking a don't know what their situation is or where they live....or even if they have the advantages of their own text books.

    OP.......What you need a good brain are a few. These have been made by me and other AN members (Daytonite,RIP, made the student sheets) use them and change them as you need.

    1 patient float.doc‎
    5 pt. shift.doc‎
    report sheet.doc‎
    day sheet 2 doc.doc

    critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students

    student clinical report sheet for one patient
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