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Do you find yourself questioning and re-questioning rationales related to "critical thinking" questions? Yeah we all do..... I just felt like posting about this elusive "great white buffalo". I have... Read More

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    Quote from That Guy
    "Critical thinking" is the crutch used in nursing school to say it's this answer just because.
    LOL! Sure did feel that way with some instructors!
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    Quote from jjjoy
    I'm curious what relationship you saw (if any) between how 'critical thinking' was defined and practiced in that class as opposed to the way nursing instructors used the term, especially in regard to test questions.
    I am not in nursing school yet so I can't really say. I just took the class because I thought it would be an asset for making the best decision in a timely manner. This class made us draw outlines, write short papers, and do lots and lots of research. I couldn't find any real way to apply it to anything that wasn't a personal goal. She talked a lot about persuasion and how best to get the other person to think your way. Quite annoying especially if you had a different opinion than the teacher.
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    Critical thinking as a buzz phrase in nursing is stupid and demonstrates the poor quality of education in nursing.
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    The idea of testing for critical thinking skills within nursing school test questions is a noble one. But in the real world, the actual quality of the questions from the publisher's test banks doesn't always live up to what should be minimal standards.

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