concept maps based on condition not patient

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    ok so im confused if what i am looking for is called a concept map or not. Our dean showed us a map for HTN that covered s/s nic noc meds everything nice and neat on 1 page. I would love to be able to think that way but im super linear, so i tried with CHF but made more like a chart and well...not so pretty!! Im looking for a book or online resourse that shows this type of thinking for conditions. I have used the mapping with NANDAS and basic patient care plan in map form but what i am intersted in is more a study tool for med surg. any help with locating what these maps are called and if there is a place i can find them would be greatly appreicated

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    When doing a 'concept map' in LPN school it looked more like this: In which case I would simply google the main patho dx and get information for reputable sources:

    But in RN school it was based off nursing Dx and laid out interventions for those. I just got a Nursing Care plan book from Barnes and Noble or amazon to help guide which Dx and interventions I would choose:

    Edit: Sorry for such an abnoxiously large picture

    Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes, 7e: Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers: 9780323065375: Books

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    Concept Mapping Homepage
    How to construct a concept map.
    Concept Mapping

    These are really helpful links.....I am not a big fan of can also purchase care map software.

    here is an example.....NUR 421_CONCEPT MAP PROJECT_CHF
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    Thank you for the links Esme! May I ask why you are not a fan of them? Our school only wants us to use these and incorporate them in our learning. I have yet to find them useful myself and end up making flashcards, my own outline and notes of a chapter and some drawings at times. I hear they are widely used and we need to turn in maps as homework points. Just wondering your thoughts on this and anyone else can chime in too!
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    I guess I am just too anal retentive...I find them visually disorganized...messy. I like things neatly laid out in a structure form. All the arrows and little boxes just seem disorganized to me. I know they contain the same information as a care plan but for me...I find them disorganized and difficult to follow.

    The only care map like format that I see in real nursing are organizational charts and the ACLS/PALS protocols.

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