Community health nursing diagnosis

  1. I am looking for a nursing diagnosis for a community health project about reduceing accidental death in a population
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  3. by   tlc2u
    You didn't state any particular population or age group. Here are some ND's from my (2003-2004 Nanda list). Check them against a 2009 list to be sure they are still in use. If a patient had any of the following concerns I can think of how it may contribute to accidental death. Therefore if a patient or population was educated on this it could reduce the number of accidental deaths.
    Death syndrome, sudden infant, risk for
    Falls, risk for
    Family processes, alcoholism dysfunctional
    Health Maintenance inneffective
    Home maintenance, impaired
    Injury, risk for
    Knowledge, deficient
    Memory Impaired
    Mobility, Physical impaired
    Poisoning, risk for
    Suffocation risk for
  4. by   annelengj
    i need an example of a complete community diagnosis
  5. by   shakedwnst924
    Tell us what you think first, & we'll give you some feedback
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    pull out your nanda 2009-2011 and read the lists in it, and if you can't come up with anything to discuss, we're done here.

    but if you have done this, tell us what you think about a few of them and why/why not they aren't working for you.

    see, asking for us to do this work for you is not "research." your faculty thinks there's value in your going to authoritative nursing literature to seek out answers. we do too. we'll help point you in the right direction but before we say more you've got to come to the table with more than, "give me the answer."
  7. by   esrun8150
    Very sensible GRNTEA. While this forum is excellent info for most questions it is not advisable for a student to post questions directly from their schoolwork. In the first place, how would you reference it? Peer reviewed? well yeah but not officially.. The better question would be..... Is there an official nursing diagnosis related to community health nursing and accidental death? If so, where might I find it?