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  1. I was given a question during my OB rotation and need a second opinion,
    Is it correct to give Zidovudine to a newborn immediately after birth from a HIV positive mother. My drug book stats PO only after 12 hours of age, but should an IV route be used until then? The question asks for the first drug to be given to the newborn. Other choices are Vit. K, erythromycin, or Ampicillin. Any advice would be great. Please supply rationale if you can. I was going to site my drug book for my answer unless you think I am wrong.
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    I think erythromycin eye ointment is the first med given to a newborn.
  4. by   BriGuy31
    I know Vit. K and erythromycin should be given within one hour of birth. Is it standard practice to immediately give Zidovudine for an infant whose mother is HIV positive?
  5. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    Vitamin K/eye prophylaxis (an antibiotic) are the first meds given to a newborn usually. Vit. K for clotting factor since the newborn lacks this and eye prophylaxis for unknown gonorrhea infection from mom. Zidovudine is given to newborns, but I've read at varying times after birth.
  6. by   BriGuy31
    I talked with my instructor and she said a "newborn" is 24 hours or older. A neonate is under 24 hours of age. Does anyone have a reference for this info, in my Maternal Health book the two terms are interchangeable. I can't just use "because you told me so." Thank you. Also why would the RN prepare a medication 24 hours in advance. The question stated the mother was in labor, which med should the nurse prepare to immediately give to the newborn?