Can someone tell me how to not be traumatized in med microbioogy? - page 2

Oh so I had my first class of medical mico biology. We have a wonderful teacher who really knows her stuff. In the class she showed us a video documentary of the meningitis outbreak we had in our city a little over ten years ago.... Read More

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    HA HA HA! I clearly remember my first unpleasant 'exposure' to microbiology (pun intended). I didn't succumb to the "OMG, I've got that" but some of my classmates did. But, it does change the way you think about things - and that's the whole purpose.

    For instance, I don't understand how anyone can eat raw/rare meat or fish... steak tartare? raw oysters? sushi? (bwaaaakkk) I KNOW how far sneezes travel -- "ah hum, do you need a tissue?" I won't eat at a "24 hour buffet" - when do they clean it? I advise everyone to avoid those soft ice cream/yogurt dispensers.... they're nearly impossible to keep clean. Although my job requires a good bit of travel, I take measures to avoid coming into contact with hotel sheets (don't ask) and NEVER use the in-room coffee bar. I always use hand sanitizer if I'm on a plane... they never clean those trays or seat back pockets.

    Yep - there is definitely a lasting effect from Microbiology.
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    Awesome stuff guys. I'm actually excited about the class. I'm not really concerned that I have anything wrong with me but just seeing the horrible ways to go... It's like if you gotta go, please not like that!!! Although I guess there are worse things...Anyway thanks for the responses I feel better. I think exercising good caution and puttin the rest of my worries to the back will be the best thing for this course.
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    You'll adjust to it. We're all germophobes, especially in nursing school when learning about disease transmission and pathogens, but you learn how to shake it off. Just remember the basics--WASH YOUR HANDS and contact precautions and you'll be fine. I remember one fellow nursing student watching a video of childbirth in our OB/Peds class and she screamed "I'm NEVER having a baby!" Well, her daughter is 8 months old now. . .Anyway, you do develop a tough skin when it comes to gross stuff. You'll be getting coughed on and sneezed on and peed on and you just roll with the punches.
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    You will work through it. In life, all manner of bad things are possible for all of us. Yes, it's possible to be killed in a car accident, get sick, lose a limb. Is it probable though? Most people live to be well into their 70's and beyond, most people do not get seriously ill, and most people have all of their appendages. It's perspective. Logically, you'll be fine. And you'll be better off than most because you will have the information needed to protect yourself from infectious diseases, something that the general public at large lacks.

    Enjoy the class!
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    Yeah micro can freak you out a bit. However, I managed to survive before taking the class and learing about all the wee buggies that should've killed me. OTOH, I'm from a generation that played in the dirt as a kid and after almost 5 years as a nurse I count on my MRSA to protect me from everything else. (that's an er joke btw).
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